Posts From the Ancient Times #1

I’ve been thinking about doing these for awhile. This is a post that I published long ago (in the ancient times). Enjoy!


Amusing Animals

Here are a few funny pictures of our pets/animals around us.



Megan 486


Megan 481

DUKE (our Grammy’s dog)


Megan 58222

Maggie and Jinx


PicMonkey Collage43


Here are others you can caption yourself.  Just put it in a comment!




Megan 738





Megan 589

Hope you like it!



You can still caption those, if you want! 😀


27 thoughts on “Posts From the Ancient Times #1

  1. Those are hilarious!!!!! The one of the cat in the couch is:
    “Will you help me? I was just trying to sneak up to get a hold of that pretty hair swishing back and forth!” HEHE!


      1. I was going to tell you that I had a dream that I met you in real life! XD It was weird! Have you had any dreams like that yet? Or do you have dreams?


      2. REALLY?! Weird! it was actually kind of a bad dream! Because you didn’t look anything like I thought you would and you didn’t want to talk to me! You lived in like…a MANSION! I actually became good friends with Carmen in the dream! XD What was your dream about???


      3. 😀 XD Nope, but I know the town! The etsy thing STILL hasn’t come! 😦 It was a pretty…disappointing ‘?’ dream!(But I’m pretty sure that you are nice! XD 😉 ) You wouldn’t talk to me, and were like trying to get away from me!!!!!!


      4. XD 😀 Ya! BAD MEGAN! Just kidding! XD 🙂 😉 I Have to get off! This is Movie Night! (we have a movie night when we watch a movie on Fridays!!! XD It’s fun!!!) B


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