Meowing Advice And…

Today’s post will be pretty short, but Jinx would like to help out all his fellow blog cats that are in need of advice. He has discovered a blog and every Sunday, a cat will give some meowing advice! I reblogged it here and you can comment on her real post *here* to ask a question.

The Best Of Two Worlds

Hello! R here! (First, L says Meowing Advice is only open to cats and other pets. Sorry humans!)

Yes, yes. We know, R. Go away. My turn. Hello! L speaking! So we have gotten a question from Jinx, a cat like me

And it was commented by Megan, from

Yes, you are correct R. Here it is!

“Hi L. I don’t like people. They are really annoying and are always wanting to hold me!! Any suggestions? ~Jinx”

Hi Jinx! Before we start, I completely agree with you. Here are my suggestions:

  • It’s okay to not be a people person. It’s okay to not want to be petted. I only let my family pet me when I’m tired, and I end up loving it. 
  • Only be nice before they give you food.


Oops, you’re still there!? Anyway…

  • Play with them when you don’t want to be held. I think they just want…

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