Guest Post by Carmen

My little sister Carmen is going to do a guest post! I wrote down exactly what she told me to say, even some of the punctuation and smiley faces. She took all the pictures.  The title is…

The Things That I Like  🙂 Enjoy!

I have a camera and I just took pictures today. I also have a bunny and it’s named Diamond! And my bunny is all black with white speckles. Here is a picture! Take a look.

Carmen (Lots of Videos) 004.JPG

I’m a little girl and my sister is named Megan. Megan is helping me do this! She spelled in this words. I did not. That is because I do not know how to read, but I am learning. It’s the evening, and at six or six thirty we are going to go up to my Gram’s house and eat supper at her house. Did you know that we got crayfish and fish from the lake a long time ago? And they’re still living! Now, I don’t know what to say, but I’m going to think a little bit what I’m going to say.

All of the kids have bunnies except for my big brother, Logan. I have two brothers and two sisters. So counting me, it would be five kids!!!!!!!!!!! (Carmen told me to put in those exclamation points) My favorite color is purple, that is why the words are purple. Did you know that Megan just asked me to do this? Well, a little bit ago, at least. Here is another picture! Can you please take a look again? Carmen (Lots of Videos) 017.JPG

As you know, this is my guest post. I’m not sure if it is quite right to say, but it might be! If you think it’s strange just, I don’t know. So I don’t know quite what to say again, but I can bear with out a break. It’s January and it’s so warm! And it’s not even snowing. :O We have a pretty big house, and it’s very, very old!! I’m not going to tell how old I am, because you are not supposed to.  We used to have two cats, but now we don’t because one of them died. 😦 😦

As I already told you, my bunny’s named Diamond. And my older brother is not as old as my older older brother, but he is my bigger brother. So let’s move on to Olaf. Olaf is all white, and has pink eyes and is a New Zealand and he really looks so strange because of his eyes. And guess what, we have the cutest dog named Maggie! Here is another picture, this is my third one, but I still want to show you this picture. And this is the picture of our dog.


Now I will move onto something else. Okay, I know this is a long guest post, but I like to tell Megan what to spell. Up there, at my picture, isn’t it cute? I am getting to be older. Now its actually the end because we have to go up to my Gram’s house so you can read guest post when you want to. So bye-bye for right now! Thank you for reading this!

Hehe! I tried to put italics on the words that she emphasized on. And now, here is a question for you:

What Weekly Thing Would You Prefer?

A. Photo of the Week

B. Carmen Post of the Week

C. Carmen post then Photo, then Carmen post then Photo.. etc.

D. None

Vote here!

And one last thing, my sister is having a fun writing challenge! Check it out before January the 15th HERE. 😉

Carmen will reply to your comments. 🙂



Do you have any little sisters?

41 thoughts on “Guest Post by Carmen

  1. Carmen is awesome! I won’t call her cute. I love her post, and she should definitely do more! This is my new favorite post.


  2. Aww Carmeb is so cute!
    Oh wait, hold on.
    Let me rephrase that.
    Carmen is so awesome! She did a really great job on the pictures! I think my favorite would have to be of Maggie. 🙂
    ~ Suzy


  3. Wow, I didn’t see this as soon as I would have wanted to! This was really cool, Carmen! I also really like the name Carmen! I never knew that Diamond was YOURS!!! Cool! I have 20 animals! I like to ‘talk’ to your sister a lot! 😀 This was a nice post! Good job! I hope you do a lot more! I have a horse, a dog, 2 hermit crabs, 4 fish, and twelve chicks! 😀 Once you learn how to read and type, you can write your own posts! I just wanted to encourage you to write more posts and tell you that I really liked it! 😀 Diamond is a really cute bunny! How long have you had her? Is Maggie soft? She looks soft! I don’t know if Megan has ever shown you my blog, probably not! It’s cuddlycritter’! 😀 So, YA! I hope that you write more posts in the future, and I look forward to reading what ever you DO post! This was cool! I hope you enjoy this LOOOOOONG comment! XD 😀 🐱 😀 Bye!


  4. Hi Carmen! Nice post! I like the photo of Maggie. 🙂

    No, I don’t have any little sisters. 😦 But I have a little brother, 2 older brothers and 3 older sisters! 🙂


  5. Hey Carmen! You asked for bloggers names so here’s mine! I’m Sarah. I love you post.☺ Your bunnys are so cute! I used to have one but he died.😯 Maggie is cut to.


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