A Barefoot Gal Behind the Scenes Part 1


This one is the highest in my poll so far (and I replaced it with another one since I am posting this now) so here you are! Have any of you read Patrick F. McManus? Well, this is slightly based on his style of writing.

So to start with, here is what happens when I click a little button that means, ‘make a new post’. I know it seems like a lot of words, but it is funny! I’ll (hopefully) see you at the bottom of this post!


To start with, I stare at the blank screen. For those of you who have just started blogging, I highly recommend staring. Then I finally realize that I do not know what to type in the title box.

Now I begin what I shall call, ‘Wandering About In Search of Inspiration’. It is a very difficult task, I do not recommend it if you get stressed out easily. Sometimes you have to sit in still and look at the screen for a whole minute! Often I then will click the little button that says, ‘drafts’. :O

Next I will look through my drafts. This part is hard because you have to remember what they are about, otherwise you will have to actually click on them and read them.

When I decide that there are no good drafts, I will look at some recent photos I have taken. This usually works the best, but if I still can not find a good post, then I will have to think. Yes, you heard me, I will have to think! Sadly, I usually can not think of anything that I can write with out pictures. Sometimes if I desperately want to post, I will post a section of my story, but I only have eight chapters so far and I want there to always be a few for emergencies.

Most likely by now I have found some way to make a post. If I need to insert photos, then I will let them load while I type out my post. Sometimes I have to backspace multiple sentences, which is very sad. Just think, all those letters, just disappearing! It seems so cruel, yet it has to be done.

After I have written my post, I will insert my photos. Then I will save it as a draft. Unless it is around one hundred words, then I will read back over it carefully to make sure a typo hasn’t snuck in.

Have we discussed typos? I didn’t think so. Typos are nasty little creatures that sneak in to your words. You are typing and word and then, boom! A typo comes in and transforms it! Here is a sentence about my rabbit that I typed very fast (too fast) and did not remove typos. It was very difficult type, seeing as my fingers have come to recognize typos easily and quickly backspace. I had to set a basket over the backspace key so that my finger would not reach for it. Anyway, here is the sentence:

Clemenitns is my very cute Holland Lop; She is pretty small, ad had bron and tanish fur. Her eyes are qyite possibly the cutest feature on her, they are very large an , as my brother sayds,’swallowing’. She will probably have he little kits, as baby bunnies are called. around the tenth of Janurary.

I told you typos were bad. :\

If my post is good and around 100 words, then I will publish it. If it is not, then it will have to wait for my mom or sister to preview it.

But anyway, after checking it, I go on to set the featured image. This is a process that requires much skill. You must choose the image that isn’t too exciting so it spoils the post, but yet it mustn’t be too boring, then people might not read it!  This post, however, was simple to pick. It only had my sign-off at the bottom, and the poster picture at the top. So I will choose the most obvious one that describes the post best. My sign-off.

After this, I will add tags. I believe I have around 30 categories and 100 tags. 🙂  The art of thinking up tags is a very fine one. It often requires looking back on the post. Sometimes the same post will have two very different tags such as ‘hot air balloon’ in the same post as ‘cookies’. But tags are very important. They are… very… uh, important! Yes. They are.

Then I go to my blog to make sure it didn’t dilly-daddle and get lost somewhere in a random corner of my blog.  If it hasn’t, then I will glare at the little notification box until I either get tired of it, or it decides to bring me a comment.

Now, seeing as this post is a whopping 828 words, I will ask my sister to find my typos while I go eat lunch.

And I’m back now, she might not have found all of the typos, but I think I’ll just click publish.


On a scale on 1-10, how funny was this?

34 thoughts on “A Barefoot Gal Behind the Scenes Part 1

  1. That. Was. Hilarious. And very true, I might add! Allison sounds much better at proofreading than my mom . . . Mother Dearest misses quite a lot of typos.

    I stare at the notification box, too. XD


    1. I. Am. So. GLAD! Hehe!
      I can not see how those nasty typos get away. 😡 😉
      Hehe! Recently it has been very kind to me, but sometimes disappoints me with a like. But better than nothing, right??

      P.S. I call mom Mother Dearest sometimes too. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This was 9! 9 1/2! It’s REALLY funny!!!!! XD Here is a sentence with typos! (I agree, they are VERY nasty! XD )
    Aggie is a very cuet little girl, she likes in play with he hay and jupm on things , and play with scout her friendd! Her dad is Fromg, she is a weirdo!
    Okay, here is what it was supposed to be! 😀
    Aggie is a very cute little girl, she likes to play with the hay (not sure where that cam from, just typed it!) and jump on things, and play with Scout, her friend! Her dad is Frog, he is a weirdo! 😛
    Ya, I know! THat’s Great! 😀 XD 😀 YOu should do this kind of a post again soon!!!!!


      1. I DID!!!! 😀 I might…but really, there’s not much to ‘behind the scenes’ on!!! 😀 😛 Is BIBPC tomorrow?! I haven’t done my thing yet!!!!!!!!!! If it is tomorrow, then I’ll be doing it shortly! And I think I’m gonna do a post with stories in it…from/about different animals we have/had! I think you’ll really enjoy it! 😛 I say that with all of my posts that I tell you about, don’t I?!


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