This Was my First Ever Post

I made this post on February 2014 on another blog called Dandelions and Daffodils. Then I moved it over here, but for some reason, I deleted it. :\ So here it is, much, much later. 😛 Of course, we do not have Petunia or even Ferdinand any more. We didn’t even have the bunnies!


Hi!  I live on a farm with over 400 acres, 24,000 chickens and over 500 cows.  We have a dog named  Maggie, a cat named Jinx, and triplet calves, and a red spotted newt named Petunia.



Jinx is not that happy to have been woken up.


This is Ferdinand. He is one of the triplets.


Maggie the yellow lab



My mom home schools us so we are usually done with school around lunch.  My grandparents live 3 minutes away at the max  and  all of my relatives but one live in VA (That one lives in BC, Canada!).  The crops on our farm are corn, soybeans, and alfalfa.  In the spring time my dad plants the crops, in the summer he chops hay (alfalfa) and  in the fall he chops the corn  and later in the fall he combines the corn and soybeans.  In the winter, well, he doesn’t do hardly any field work in the winter. We live in a big white farmhouse.  Right now as I speak (or rather type!) the snow on the ground is melting and mom is making supper.  My dad is hauling a load of corn to the mill with his new semi and trailer.

The farm with some snow still there

The big white farm-house


I can’t wait  until spring! Soon there will be daffodils blooming and trees budding.

So long!


There you go!

So long! 😛


I love first posts. 😛

20 thoughts on “This Was my First Ever Post

  1. This was so neat to read! And wow, you have been blogging for a long time!! 😀
    P.S. 75 days till spring! I can’t wait! It was sooo cold today where I live…. 😛


      1. Whoa, cool! You got a sled!! 😀 I really hope you’re able to try it out this year!! Do you have a hill in your yard, or live near one?
        LOL..a lot would be nice!! XD


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