Another Story from of Old – The Magical Jelly Bean

Here is another story from of old! I think I wrote this when I was a little older. 🙂 If you want to see my other one, click HERE.

The Magical Jelly Bean

By Megan

One fine morning Kathy who was 10 woke up & looked out her window. “Why!” she said, “I don’t remember that hill being there!” After school Kathy went out to have a good look at the hill. “Oh!” She cried, “Why it’s a giant jelly bean!” “Shucks!” She said, “The flavors lime. I wish it was Bubble Gum.” Suddenly the jelly bean turned pink! “Oh! Goodie!” She said, “I will just take teeny weenie bite.” “She took a nibble, “Mmm” She said. Just then the place where she took a nibble grew back! “I must get Julia!” She raced over to her house. Come quickly. She called to her twin sister. They raced over to the jelly bean. “Ohhhhh” Said Julia. “Just say what flavor you want! Caramel!” Julia said. It turned brown.

“Wow!” Said Julia, taking another bite. “This is great, we should slide down this!” “Yes we should.” Kathy said. They took turns sliding down the jelly bean. After a little while they grew tired of that, they climbed to the top of the jelly bean to rest a bit. “Wouldn’t it be great if it could fly?” Asked Julia. “We could always try.” Said Kathy. “O.K.” said Julia. “1 2 3 FLY!” They said. The jelly bean lifted off the ground, sprouted wings and popped up seat belts! “Here we go!” Shouted Kathy. “Lets go to the stream by our house.” Said Kathy. They flew over to the stream. Plop! The jelly bean landed in the mud. “Oh no!” said Kathy, “ when we go home we should wash it.” They played in the stream till dinner. When they landed Kathy’s Mummy came running out the door yelling: “sakes alive! What’s that thing?”. “it’s a magical jelly bean!” They yelled. After dinner they washed the jelly bean, than they went to bed. After that every day after school Kathy & Julia went to play with the jelly bean. Once they went on vacation with it!


The End


Funny! Here are the illustrations I made for it.

carmel vaction jelly bean


Our dear cat, Coffee Bean, just died today. 😥

23 thoughts on “Another Story from of Old – The Magical Jelly Bean

  1. I love the story! It was funny!
    I am so sorry about Coffee Bean. 😢 I know what it feels like. I will be praying for you and your family and a special resting place for Coffee Bean. Have a good rest of the day!☺


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