Best of 2015 (Inspired by Clara)

Hey everybody! I hope you had a fun Christmas!

(To my cousin Clara, I’m talking about a different Clara. ;)) Clara over at Clara’s Craft Corner is doing this, only with doll blogs. I asked her if I could do this only with general blogs and she said…. yes! Yay!

Now presenting…


It will be a lot different from Clara’s version, mainly because you get to help me decide! But hang on, I’m getting ahead of myself here. 😛 Let me show you the categories:

Best New Blog

Best Photography Post

Best Animal Photo

Best Nature Photo

Best Other Photo

Most Well-Written Story

Most Interesting Story

Best Random Post

Most Amazing Blog Design

Best Craft Post

Best Doll Post

And there could be many more, but I’ll stop there. 🙂 For the Best New Blog one, the blog must be made in 2015. You can also do the same story for both of the story categories. 😀

How will you vote? I have created a ‘survey’ of sorts and you can just go down the list, filling in the blog/post URL. Do the ‘survey’ HERE!! Well, if you want to. 😉 You don’t have to do all of the questions – I would love it even if you just answered one!

On January 5th I will post all the winners. I will look at all of your answers and check them all out. Then I will decide which I think is the best! If lots of you voted for one certain post/blog, then that will most likely win. If I don’t get a blog/post for one of the categories, then I will choose it myself. 🙂

Please don’t vote for yourself!

I think that should be all. Bye!


 Do you think I should change my sign off to something more wintery instead of Christmas-y?

62 thoughts on “Best of 2015 (Inspired by Clara)

  1. Okay, so we’re supposed to do all of the things like…for example, best random post:
    I’m supposed to write the best random post I could! 😀 Right? Okay! Thanks!


      1. In the survey! You can click the word in my post that says ‘HERE’, or just go to it here:


  2. Do I have to nominate something in all of the categories if I do one? It’s really hard to find ones! 🙂



      1. Okay! For the photos, I’m just doing some that I know about, because there are HUNDREDS of photos. 😉



  3. Oh, I was allowed to? I thought since it was you award, we could only nominate other bloggers! I would have nominated you for the nature post and the animal post!


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