Photo of the Week ~ 12-21-15

Maggie’s nose!

Megan (Hot Cocoa, Beany, Maggie) 011


I have recently written some guest posts! If you want to read them you can see my interview with K.A. HERE,  my post on how to make gift tags that I did on Hayley’s blog HERE, and my guest post about some of my art on Genna’s new blog HERE.

We got… oh wait, I’ll tell you a little farther down… 😛

I entered to see if I can participate in K.A.’s challenge HERE!

Lets see… I think that’s it! Onto the Christmas challenge!

Day eight is Christmas-y photos!

Megan (Gifts, Jinx, Yoshi, Snow, Art) 033

YES! SNOW!!! But only about that much. xD

Megan (Gifts, Jinx, Yoshi, Snow, Art) 002

Presents! Hehe!

-Allison(cookies, island) 049

Big photo credit to my sister Allison! Her blog is HERE.

Sugar cookies are so fun to make! Allison made this beautiful cookie pictured here. 🙂


That’s it! Goodbye!



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