My Story for C.W.W.C.

Loren is doing a writing challenge over at her blog Blue Eyes Gray Eyes. Here is my story.

I munched on my peanut butter, cheese, and honey sandwich while looking into my cup of hot tea.  With my imagination I turned it into a gloomy forest.  Tall and foreboding trees rose up from the center of my cup.  A moon rose just above them, casting an eerie light on seven birds.  The steam was turned into fog.

I blinked, and all was gone. Ever since I was little I could imagine thing so realistically, it seemed as though I could touch it. As soon as I blinked though, it disappeared.

I sighed, stretched out my arms, and pushed out of my chair.  I walked over to the computer and sent a quick email before trotting outside.  Once I got outside I sat down on our big porch swing and thought. I finally decided to go explore the woods nearby our house.

I trotted back inside to get some tennis shoes on and a water bottle. That done, I started for the woods. They were friendly woods, not at all like the woods in my cup. More calm and green, with a flower or two scattered about in the sunny places.  I walked down a path overgrown with vines and weeds.

I stopped to rest on a fallen tree. Sipping my water I looked around. It was so beautiful! I jumped up, got my balance, and traveled down the fallen tree. At the end there was a bank. I peered over the tree’s gnarly and humongous roots to see how far it was to the ground.  I drew in my breath.  Sitting gracefully in the hole that the fallen tree’s roots had made, was a young girl. She looked about eight years old and was wearing a dress much too fancy for the woods. But the strangest thing about her was that she was holding a broken carousal horse, looking at some writing on the pole.

I jumped down beside her. She glanced up, startled for only a moment. Then she burst into tears of what sounded like… anger?

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“You… you… you villain!” She yelled at me.

My eyes opened in surprise and she laughed angrily.

“What did I do?”

Her nose wrinkled and she scowled.

“Ha ha. So funny.”

Maybe I just didn’t get eight year old humor, but this was getting a little odd.

“Please just tell me, okay?”

“Ugh. You are still so annoying.”

“Sure, just tell me what I did!”

She pulled out a photograph from her horse’s ear and shoved it in my face.

“That’s you, right?” She scowled.

I felt dizzy after I looked at that photo and sat down beside her. She punched me and said,

“Get away! Don’t touch me!”

I studied the photo. The person, whoever she was, had a mole on her right cheek, and I didn’t.

“Hah! Do I have a mole on this cheek?” I asked, pointing to my right cheek.

“It’s probably fountain or something.”

“You mean foundation? Nope! Rub it.”

She didn’t want to touch me though so I rubbed my whole cheek vigorously with my hand.

“See? No mole!” I was triumphant, but she was not. She crumpled into a heap and sobbed.

“Hey, what are you doing now?” I asked.

“I’m not a princess and I definitely don’t know what he was talking ‘bout!” She screamed.

“Whoa! Would you mind to explain yourself?”

She pointed to the words on the horse’s pole, to busy sobbing to talk.

Lift up your head princess,

If not, the crown falls.

Those were the words penciled on to the blue metal pole. I thought about them for a while, wondering what they meant.

That’s the start to a story! I hope you liked it!

Day Four of the Christmas Challenge.

Some Christmas Traditions? There are many!

First of all, we get our Christmas Tree. And then, we have to decorate the tree!

My sister, my brother and I make catalogs for our family to check off, then we make gifts for them! It’s always a lot of fun. 😀

We also have a fancy supper on Christmas Eve.  After that we open a pair of PJs, get them on, and go out in our car to look at Christmas lights! When we get back we pull out our sleeping bags and sleep in front of the tree!

What are your Christmas Traditions?


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