In other words, Christmas tree! Actually, I think tannenbaum is supposed to mean fir tree, and we got a spruce… Details deatails!

Allison is doing how we got it , and I am doing a photo shoot of it! With my new camera, of course. πŸ˜„

Megan (Christmas tree, sunset) 054Megan (Christmas tree, sunset) 095

Megan (Christmas tree, sunset) 090
This is one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. πŸ˜€

Megan (Christmas tree, sunset) 096Megan (Christmas tree, sunset) 100Megan (Christmas tree, sunset) 052Megan (Christmas tree, sunset) 063Megan (Christmas tree, sunset) 058Megan (Christmas tree, sunset) 087 (1024x768)


There they are! Which was your favorite?

Do you get your tree from a store, your attic, or a tree farm?


We have tons of ornaments. Do you?

43 thoughts on “Tannenbaum!

  1. Pretty photos! I commented on Allison’s blog (and if you’re anything like me, you read all of her comments :P). We get our Christmas tree from the garage. πŸ˜‰ My favorite photo was #4.



      1. You’re welcome! Not really, I like our tree, even though it sheds needles ever year and gets more and more bare… πŸ˜‰ But it’s still really pretty!



  2. Great pictures! Photographing a Christmas tree can be hard, but I think you did a nice job. πŸ™‚

    Also . . . 18 more days! Only 18 more days until Christmas!



      1. It’s 15ft tall. I have been trying to put up pictures on my blog but I can’t seem to get a good picture of the tree with all the lights.


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