I Just Got My Camera, I Just Got My Camera!

Does that title remind anyone of Blue’s Clues? Anyone?

But the title is right! I got my camera!!! I’m afraid you will have to brace yourself, because I will be spouting out millions of exclamation points… xD

I ordered my camera about a week ago and it said it would arrive from December 12th to December 21st.  When a box with the words ‘Nikon. Refurbished Product’ came, I was ecstatic! It came up to two weeks early!

But the main point of this post, is the review part.

*Note* The pictures are taken with my old camera, except for the first three pictures of cameras which I got from the websites.

To start with, here are some listings on Amazon and EBay. I got mine on EBay because it was cheaper at the time, but now they are similar on Amazon.

Product Details Plum colored for $189.95 on Amazon HERE.

Product DetailsRed colored for $166.00 on Amazon HERE. Black is there too for $176.00.

Nikon-Coolpix-L830-Digital-Camera-Red-Refurbished-by-Nikon-U-S-A-26440BRed colored on EBay for $129.95 HERE. If you want to jump to conclusions, it is now $50 off… :O


Here is the picture of the camera with the strap and lens cap.  I’m pretty sure they usually come with these.


The lens cap is easily removed and put on, you just squeeze the sides and fit it on. To take it off you squeeze the sides and pull it off.  The neck strap is very nice for hanging the camera around your neck.

The flash is so fun to put up! You press the little button and up it comes with a pop! You press on it to put it back down.

Megan 070

It can take videos too, you just press the red circle button and it starts! You press it again to stop.

This camera has somewhere around 20 settings. Some of them are close-up, sports, landscape, portrait, beach, and very many more!

The best thing about this camera is that almost all the pictures turn out great! It works very well with close up, but it takes great pictures of bunnies too! ☺

It does take batteries, but that can be very helpful! If it runs out of batteries in the middle of no where you can stick in some new ones if you remember to take them along!

It isn’t a touch screen, but I don’t mind that near as much as I thought I would. You can easily click through your pictures.

It comes with a cord to attach it to a computer.

Here is an amazing feature, you can move the screen! I don’t have a picture of this, but you can just pull it out and tilt it. This comes in handy for taking pictures of the tops of trees. 😀  The screen is fairly large too, so you can see your photos easily.

The zoom on this camera is amazing! The first photo below is a picture without zooming, and then the second is zoomed in, not even all the way!

Megan (New Camera) 047 (1024x768)Megan (New Camera) 049 (1024x768)

But you probably would like to see some of the pictures I have taken with it, so proceed!

And there you have it! A review of a Nikon Coolpix.

But of course, I can’t end the post yet!

Number two of the Christmas challenge.

A Christmas Challenge

A Christmas gift you have made/are making.

Well, I guess Carmen probably won’t read this post… XP

Jeff and I made Carmen a glitter elephant! Carmen has decided to theme her room elephants, so this seemed like a good idea for a Christmas present. All we did was go to Bing images, pick a good picture, then outline it in glitter! I hope she likes it. 🙂

That’s all I have for today! Thanks for reading!



We just watched the movie Elf!


60 thoughts on “I Just Got My Camera, I Just Got My Camera!

  1. Our family used to have a camera just like that!! =D It’s what I used to really learn about photography. I hope it serves you as well as ours did us!


  2. Haha, no, the title actually didn’t remind me of Blue’s Clues…sorry. 😉 But I am SO excited for you!!! It’s so neat that your camera came two weeks early. (I love when stuff like that happens!)
    It looks like it takes awesome pictures too. Now, what kind of camera is it? Is it the Nikon Coolpix L840? If so, I’m thinking of buying it with my Christmas money or sometime after Christmas. 🙂


      1. Ohhh, okay! Cool! 😀 That’s the same kind your sister has, right?
        I wonder what the differences are between the L830 and L840…


      1. We had snow! In the mountains right behind our house (literally right behind) it was over my knees. So hard to hike it ;). We had -s all last week. It’s finally warming up its twenty something now.


      2. It was very crystal like because it was so cold.
        Hey how did you take such clear pictures of the Christmas lights? Or is it a photographers secret? 🙂


  3. Wow!!! Now that I’m looking over this post again, that camera REALLY IS COOL!!!!! 😀 I figured out that my camera has so many neat settings AND it’s nice and small!!! 😀 🙂 Not huge! 😉 It fits perfect in my pocket! 🙂 😀 And of COURSE it’s BLUUUE!!! 😀 Whoo ho!!


      1. Thanks you! I think I might ask for it! I’ve been wanting a serious camera for a long time, and since I paid for premium for 13 GB of storage, I might as well make the pictures good! I’ve been using an iPhone 5.


  4. Is this your latest camera or have you bought one since? Is it good for beginners? I know how to use a camera, obviously, but want to invest in a good starter camera 🙂


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