Flashback – November + News

Hey everyone! Loren is doing monthly flashbacks and I thought that sounded like a good idea, so she let me do them too! I will try to do these the last Monday of the month in the place of a Photo of the Week.

The flashes are going to start with the last post of that month first, and then move back.

Flashing back on November, 2014 in three, two, ONE!

The last post in November was this hidden photo, which I thought pretty neat. Can you tell what it is?

Then I did a pretty bad post, informing you that we were Redoing Rooms. It probably should have been titled Switching Rooms. 🙂
My next post is Mini Society, where I showed you what products I put in our co-op’s mini society.

Woah. That’s…. it.  Only three posts in November!! And this November I made 18! Six times as many!

And since that was super short, it’s time for the…. news!

First order of business. There’s a really high pitched screeching sound that is really bothering my ears… good. It went away. 🙂

That wasn’t what I meant to say, sorry. xD

There is only one more day left until our blogger button giveaway ends! Check it out HERE.

That down, lets move on to the next topic.

I made a blogging challenge. 🙂 It is called The 12 Days of Christmas Blogging Challenge. You write 12 posts sometime before Christmas. They can be all in a row, you can do them every other day, whatever! The little poster below shows the posts that I am going to be doing. You can do the challenge on your blog too! Don’t worry, this is totally optional. If you want to do it but have questions, ask! 🙂 Oh, and for question 11, if you don’t have a pet you can skip it, or just find a cute picture of a Christmas looking animal online. 😉

Here is the poster.

A Christmas Challenge

Here is a tiny news tidbit: I think Jinx got pinched by a crayfish. xD We put them in a shallow bucket because we needed to clean the tank, and Jinx was trying to get one. He jerked back his head when he sniffed one, hehe! Poor guy. 🙂

The last piece of news is that Allison’s crayfish (Mudbug) died. 😦 It might have been because Jeff accidentally spilled a bunch of food in their tank…

Signing off,

megan sign off

Thank you everyone for all your comments! And if you don’t comment, that’s fine! I am just hoping that you enjoy my posts. :  )

42 thoughts on “Flashback – November + News

      1. If you get another one, you could name IT Caesar Augustus! I think I will name my caterpillar Tobi, except, I think I’m gonna let it go, and maybe just keep the name in mind (Tobi) if I need it later! 🙂


  1. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!! What did you do to your blog??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are snowflakes everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did you change the theme???


  2. That Christmas challenge looks really fun! I might do it. 🙂 Do you have to do all the days, or can you just pick and choose which ones you want to do? Because some of them I don’t really have any ideas for… XD


  3. I love the header!! So pretty! Oh and I love the Christmas challenge!! I talked to Allie ( the started of A Friend Loves At All Times ) and we have decided to do it on our blog starting next week until Christmas!


  4. Love the new design! I put the post up for the winners. Some of the people who entered on your blog entered on my blog too. Maybe they thought they would get extra entries or something?


  5. I love the Christmas-y blog design! Super pretty!

    I remember reading all of those posts when they first came out. Wow . . . I’m old. xD LOL!

    Poor Jinx! I know I shouldn’t be laughing, but . . . hahaha!

    Aw, I’m sorry about Mudbug!



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