Making Olaf a Snuggli

Hi everyone!

A snuggli is a thing my brother invented (just pronounce it snuggly).  It is to keep outdoor bunnies warm! It’s basically just a warm place for them to hide in, but here is how we made one.

To make the base of a snuggli, just get some cinderblocks and make a square.

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 001
The little parts where there aren’t any cinder blocks are for her water bottle and food compartment.

Make sure to leave a cinder block like this so your rabbit can actually get in!

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 002

To make her food compartment get a wooden box that has both its ends sawed off. You will also need some nails and a piece of fabric.

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 003

Nail your fabric to the box thingy so that it makes a curtain.

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 009

Stick it in the little slot.

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 010
See? Now you can see why we left two parts open. 🙂

Stick her food bowl in!

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 011
Jeff made this food bowl for Olaf, but she uses it as a chew toy too. 😉

Set a rectangle crate on top of the cinder blocks.

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 012

Put a board over the water bottle’s spot too.

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 013

Then get an old rug and put it over the crate.

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 014

Cover the snuggli with straw!

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 015

Ta-da!! And that’s a snuggli. Yoshi has a snuggli in his cage and the doe rabbits have two snugglis but they look a lot different. 🙂
I wrote this post around a month ago, so the quality of the photos is pretty bad. Yoshi now lives in this snuggli, but we modified it a little. 😀

I’m going to do two of the Christmas Challenges because I only have FIVE DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS!  Isn’t that just amazing?

Day Six: Some Christmas Quotes.

By my little sister Carmen: “For some reason, when Christmas is coming, we just get so excited!”


Yeah, only two….

Day seven: A Christmas Poster using PicMonkey.





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