The Diary of Clementine ~ Entry 2

The Diary of Clementine

I decided that I will post Clemmie’s entries once a month.

Hey all those who read my diary! It is I, Clementine!

I haven’t done an entry in awhile, so this will be shortened versions of two things that happened.

Almost a month ago, Megan took me on a very long walk and I invented the Lop Lap!

Here is a drawing of how to do a Lop Lap. The gray is where you hop, and then the black is where your human must carry you. The blue is water and the red is where you start.

A Lop LapI started in a leaf pile. I don’t like leaf piles. Whenever you move there is a huge crackling sound and it is frightening and loud.


Then I hopped out and went around the house towards our pens. When I got to the three pine trees before the garden which is before our pens, I stopped and waited for Megan to take pictures of me.  She gets impatient easily so I tried to teach her to wait while I sniffed pine and wood smoke, looked at the garden, felt the grass and dirt, tasted a clover leaf, and heard the birds chirp.

131 Next I hopped as fast as I could into a field and stopped again.


Then I hopped over to a big bank and cleaned myself.

123I got tired now and decided to take a long rest. Well, at least Megan thought it was long, because she became impatient and carried me down to their ‘creek’.  I posed, looked cute, and nibbled while she took some photos of me.


Next came the tricky part.  Megan thought I accidently jumped into the ‘creek’, but I actually meant to. Why? Because I am very adventurous! When I jumped she quickly got me out and hugged me.  Ha ha. Have you ever hugged a wet bunny? If not, then be happy. It is not the most fun ever.

Wet bunny paws

Anyway, she held me out in front of her (so she wouldn’t get soaked) and went back to the rabbit cage where I went and snuggled against Lily while Willow licked me.

And then the other thing of interest, is what happened on the 25th of October. Jeff and Megan were playing with us and they decided to switch the bunny pens! They put Olaf in ours and us does in Olaf’s pen. It was fun to sniff out the new sights- er, smells and find good snuggling corners. Olaf didn’t appreciate the change and muttered about his old cage being over run by suspicious does.  Well! If you ask me, he seems a whole bunch more suspicious then us! Oh well. Some bunnies are just mixed up. Here are the pens looking like they look now.


After the switching of cages Megan did a photo shoot with every bunny and you can see our pictures in her post HERE. I only got three pictures! 😦 Although I guess it’s alright since I do get the most attention.  Although Willow gets basically as much attention!

Oh well.  Life isn’t fair, according to Diamond.  By the way, she doesn’t bite me anymore!

The humans have been taking us inside a lot. It is really fun to explore all their stuff! This is a GIF of me sniffing Megan’s camera. : ) I am so cute!

Thanks for reading!


I really don’t think Clementine meant to jump in the creek.

I did! You WILL believe me, right?

Oh dear.  Well, we better wrap this up, it is getting pretty long.



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