Crayfish Small Talk

Hey folksies!

Last night I was looking at the crayfish tank and was thinking about what crayfish might say if they could talk. I made what I thought up into pictures. Read the blue speech bubble first, then read the yellow. 

If you can’t read them, it might help to click on them.

a horrible accident algae diet claw nicks New skins talking about the water

Hehehehe! That was fun! Which was your favorite?


P.S. Even though this has nothing to do with crayfish, I just wanted to tell you about this site HERE. It’s really neat and you can make your own snowflakes on the computer. Down in the left corner there is a search thing. If you search the name A Barefoot Gal you can see mine! IF you make any, tell me what your name is (I’d suggest something creative so I can see just yours) and I will look you up!

12 thoughts on “Crayfish Small Talk

  1. I made some snowflakes! (Although I’m not quite ready for snow yet 😉 For most of them, I put the name CPB. 🙂



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