A Story From of Old (Illustrations Included)

I wrote this story on our computer a long time ago. Maybe when I was seven? Anyway, it was awhile ago, but it is still on the computer! I also have the ‘illustrations’ I drew using the app Paint. There may be typos, because I am pretty sure this is the original. Enjoy! 😀

By Megan

The Case of the Missing Letter

 dickie duck

Hi there! I’m Dickie Duck. And this is my pal Pinky

Puppy. Pinky Puppy

Well we were walking in the woods when I remembered my boss THE CHIEF POLICE

(I have to put his name in capital letters because he is so special)


Had said that he needed me today. I hurried back to the office. When I got there, my CHIEF said, “I needed you sooner!” “Sorry CHIEF I forgot  you needed me.”  I said. “Oh, I thought  you came late.”    “noooooooooooooooooo  sir!” I said. “I need you to help me on this……..”    “What is it?” I asked.  “Well…case.” He said. “O.K!!!” I said.  “O.K.” he said. “I was sending a letter to Me and I lost it and I don’t remember what it said!”

“Oh, but I will find it if  my  name isn’t  Dickie!”

          ↓It isn’t supposed to have quotations marks. ↓

“But you don’t know it.” Said Pinky, “who had been keeping quiet the whole time.”  “You always say that!” I said.  “I know.” She said. “Well lets get going!” I said. We went out the door and we found this:

Cheif's letter   (I meant this to be spelled wrong)





“Wowwy!” I said. “I found it!”  “Yes.” Said Pinky. “I believe you did.”  “Ohhhhhhh.” I said. “I can’t believe it! So quick! Oh won’t CHIEF be happy!”  “Yes I’m sure he will.” Said Pinky

THE  end

Ta -DAA! Woohoo! That was amazing! Hee hee!

I also have another story about a Magic Jelly Bean that I might post sometime.  ;D


22 thoughts on “A Story From of Old (Illustrations Included)

  1. LOL! This is so weird. You know, funny weird. Stories that people wrote when they were younger are always really funny! I recently rediscovered a story I wrote when I was about five . . . It was about a kid named Bob, and he wouldn’t eat anything xD


    1. It’s true! I once wrote a story about ducks that lived in a human house, but they had their own attic and everything! XD And there was no water in the story. 😛


      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this! It is weird and quirky in a fun way! I recently read some of my kindergarten work! In a interview paper I was six so I put sixty and I attempted to drawxme and my best friend! She is still my best friend even now!


  3. Lol! Those are pretty good pictures for 7 years old! Also, I saw that you can’t enter my giveaway, but if you do win, I will put it up on my blog instead emailing it to you! ☺


  4. So funny! It’s always so fun to read the things that you wrote when you were a little kid. I love reading through all my old stuff!


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