Bunny Family in Autumn

We took ALL the bunnies out on their leashes the other day and I took a bunch of photos. They will be from the oldest to the youngest rabbits.

First up, Diamond!

032 (1280x720).jpg

037 (1280x720).jpg035 (1280x720).jpg033 (1280x720).jpg

041 (1280x720).jpg

Then comes the beautiful prize-winning rabbit, Lily!

010 (1280x720).jpg014 (883x1280)013012 (1280x720).jpg011 (1280x720).jpg

Olaf will be next, and he has two special pictures at the top.

042 (1280x720).jpg059 (1280x720)

051 (1280x720)047 (1280x720).jpg046 (1280x720).jpg

Willow comes in all her puffiness. The last two of her are my favorites.

021 (1280x720)022 (1280x720).jpg027 (1280x720).jpg030 (1280x720).jpg029 (1280x720)

And then is the adorable Clemmie! Poor thing only has three pictures 😦

017 (1280x720).jpg

016 (1280x720)015 (1280x720)Which picture did you lake best of each rabbit?

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18 thoughts on “Bunny Family in Autumn

  1. Awww, these pictures were all so cute! 😀 My favorites were… #5 for Diamond, #3 for Lily, #4 for Olaf, #1 for Willow, and #2 for Clementine. 🙂


  2. Awww, I loved this post! It was so cute. My favorite of Diamond is #1, Lily #1 and #1, Olaf #2 and #4, Willow…. can I choose all of them?… although the poor thing looks rather funny in the last picture 🙂 (but in a good way, Willow), and Clementine, #2. So cute!


  3. Hi my name is K.A. I LOVE animal and have too many of my own. I also LOVE Jesus (God ) And he is my savior!! My favorite is the first one of Olaf!!! What A great name. I am 11. how old are you?


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