Photo of the Week~ 10-26-15

♪It’s beginning to look a lot like Autumn…♪ Well, I guess not really beginning.  Actually it’s beginning to look like the end of Autumn! Although never mind, there are plenty of colorful trees around. I don’t know what it is beginning to look a lot like. 😀


17 thoughts on “Photo of the Week~ 10-26-15

      1. Well actually, looking out the window again, it’s probably somewhere in the middle. We still have some green here though. 🙂 Bright orange?! WOW! That sounds so pretty. I can’t wait for the trees in our yard to fully change!


    1. Thanks Samantha! Yes, I love winter too! Christmas and we have a huge hill that we sled on. 😀 So FUN! I bet it is really fun for you because of your birthday! My mom, brother, and sister’s birthdays are in Winter. 🙂


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