Need Blogging Help on WordPress?

Yup! If you have a problem (blogging wise, that is), please tell me in the comments! I will try to help you figure your problem out by posting an article on here.  I can only do this for WordPress bloggers though.

How to Put a Link in Your Post

Here is how to put a link in your post.  A link is a word (or words) that people can click on to take them to another site. Her is how you do it.  You can add a link to any post in five steps.

Step One: Highlight over text that you want to add a link to.


Step Two: Click the little paper clip thingy up on your toolbar.


Step Three: It should pop up with some thing like this:


Step Four:  In the URL box, type the address of the web site. Or you can copy and paste it.


Step Five: Click ‘Add Link’ and you are DONE!! your text will probably be blue, this means that you have added a link! Congratulations!


Ask me about something in the Comments! I will try to reply as soon as I can! I am also making this a page, which you can see above.


27 thoughts on “Need Blogging Help on WordPress?

  1. Great post! On my own blog, I know how to everything but I have trouble putting pages on my group blog. Got any tips? It works fine on my photo blog but not on it.


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