Jamie Gillset~ Chapter 6

 See chapter one HERE, two HERE, three HERE, four HERE, and five HERE.


“So how did you make this place?”  Jamie asked.

“Oh, I didn’t make all of it.  Actually, I was going to make a small one but I when I started digging, I found there was already a hole.  Not this big, but I have worked on it for around three years now. I made the ice room last year.”

Three years?”  Jamie exclaimed.  When she thought about it now, the room seemed huge!

“Yeah. In the winter I work on it a lot, since it makes me hot in the summer and there is a lot of food that can be gotten in the other seasons.”  Jessica put down her cup and picked up the basket, emptied of berries now.  “Hey, would you like to help me pick berries?”

Jamie’s eyes sparkled like they always did when she was excited.  “Would I?”

“Oh, sorry, I thought you might want to… uh, I guess you can just stay here…” Jessica said.

“No! I meant I would LOVE to come with you!”

“I know, I know. I was just kidding.” Jessica grinned at Jamie and handed her a basket.

“What kind of berries will we get?”  Jamie asked.

“Well, there aren’t really anything but strawberries, wild ones, in May. But there is some wild asparagus that can be picked.  And maybe we can find some Morels.

“Morels?  What are Morels?”

“Edible mushrooms.  I’ll show you if we find any.

Jamie got her tennis shoes out of the back pack she was wearing and put them on. Then she heard the sound of a bell, and it sounded like it was inside Jessica’s “house”.  She lifted her head, listening.

“That’s just Jumbo.”  Jessica blew out all of the candles and felt her way down the hall.  Jamie ran after her, tennis shoe still untied.  She didn’t want to be stuck in here in the dark.

Jessica got to the trap door which Jamie noticed had a bell with a rope going up through a hole in the board.

I bet Jumbo, whoever he is, pulled the rope at the top to make the bell ring. Jamie thought.

Jessica opened the trap door and Jamie let out a loud shriek.

I guess there are bears in this part of North Carolina!  She thought, shrinking away from the shaggy creature staring at them from above.

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