Name That Flower!

I thought up a new game!  It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is look at the pictures of the flowers I took, then comment what you think its name is!  I’m not talking about scientific names, just its common name (rose, tulip, etc.).  In about a week I will post the answers.

Note: there are no prizes; but I will say who got the most right and put a link to their blog if they have one.








megan 043


Megan 05-17-14 118

Name those flowers! 🙂


Hint to those who read my hidden notes:  the first flower is sort of a fall flower.

7 thoughts on “Name That Flower!

  1. 1. Some type of a daisy?
    2. I can’t think of the name! (I would Google it, but that’s kind of cheating.)
    3. Snapdragon?
    4. Crocus
    5. Peony


  2. I know #2 is a morning glory, and #4 is probably a crocus of some sort. I think #5 is a camellia and #1 might be chrysanthemums. I have no clue what #3 is! 🙂


  3. I am just guessing this, and I don’t know a lot of flower types. I guess that #2 is either a Violet or a Petunia. #3 might be a Poppy? #4, I’m guessing, is a lily.

    PS I put your button on my sidebar, so can you put mine on your list? 🙂


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