Flash Flood!

It has been so rainy around here the last couple days.  On Tuesday we had a flash flood!  I like flash floods. 😊  I have a waterproof camera case and I was taking the pictures while it was still raining, so that’s why there are water spots on some of the pictures.

Megan (flash flood) 003Do you see that line of water that goes across the picture?  That is our “creek”. it really isn’t anything more than a ditch that occasionally has water in it, but it was about seven feet across in this picture.  There was so much water that it flowed over the road instead of going through the culvert.

Megan (flash flood) 007


Megan (flash flood) 008That gross looking brown stuff floating in this massive puddle is corn debris from a field.

Megan (flash flood) 016Wow.

Megan (flash flood) 023The very muddy creek water.

Megan (flash flood) 019
The blurry spots are water drops.

       Megan (flash flood) 009 There were feed bags floating down the creek.  I found an old bucket too.

Megan (flash flood) 018

Water running down the side of the road.

Megan (flash flood) 026
The black thing at on the right is because of my camera case.

My glasses got so many water drops.  Hahahahahaha! Sorry, that was because I am picturing you going, “Wait, I didn’t know Megan had glasses!”  😀

Megan (flash flood) 003 Megan (flash flood) 028The top picture was taken at 4:30.  The bottom one was taken at 5:45.  Do you see why they call them flash floods?  Because they pour down water but then it all goes away.

Another time there was a flash flood and we got in some plastic pool inner-tubes and floated down the creek. That wasn’t too smart because our creek does have rocks and we popped the inner tube. 🙂


I might get a new bunny soon!  Mango died last week. 😦

6 thoughts on “Flash Flood!

  1. I wish we had flash floods here. They sound very exciting. Here it only rains for a short time, usually a drizzle and occasionally a hard rain, and then the storm moves on.


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