DIY Gourd Vases

Gourd Vases

♪’Tis the season for gourds and pumpkins and things… ♫

Hmmm. That doesn’t sound too good.

But as you probably read in the title, this post has a fall sort of theme.  Gourd vases!

Megan 071

You really don’t need many supplies to make these gourd vases, just a knife (I used my brother’s serrated jack-knife), a spoon, a gourd, and mums.  You can really use any flower but mums make them look much more fall-like than say, geraniums.

Megan 070

We have a bunch of gourds from our annual gourd stand.  I think the kind we call ‘watermelon gourds’ works best.  They make a nice vase with a bunch of room for the mum’s stems.  They also stand up a lot better than some gourds.

Megan 072So.  To start you’ll need to make a line around the top of your gourd so you know where to cut it.  You can do this with a pencil, or just carve a faint line with your knife.  Then stick your knife in and cut around the line.

Megan 073

Pull the top of the gourd off.  It usually pulls kind of hard so get a good grip.  It might work better to twist it.

Megan 074

Once the top is off it should look like this.

Megan 075Take the knife and dig into the seedy mess.  Just pry loose all the guts.

Megan 077

Now you can scoop all the guts out with your spoon. I used a serving spoon but you can also use a regular table spoon.

Megan 078

After you have scraped the guts out with the spoon, use your knife to scrape around the edges and cut off the harder stuff.  Scoop that out with the spoon.

Megan 080

You are done with the hard part now! The indside doesn’t need to be perfect, I don’t think the mums will mind a seed or two in the vase.

Megan 081

You might want to cut the top of the gourd because (at least for me) it usually is a little jagged.

Megan 083

To get rid of the little pieces, rinse it out in a sink.  Just take my advice and don’t do what I did – rinsing it out in the bathroom sink.  It kind of plugged the drain. XD

Megan 085

All that is left is to stick the mums in. Yay!  You are done!

I love these gourd vases because they really don’t require a huge amount of time – 10 to 20 minutes –  and they are beautiful to use as a centerpiece or in fall arrangements.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and thanks for taking the time to read it!


Yet another sign-off!  I think I’ll keep this one for a little while though.

13 thoughts on “DIY Gourd Vases

      1. oh, I am sorry for the fast comment! I was skimming my reader and I quickly commented on these awesome gourd vases! So here is a much better comment:
        These gourd vases are so creative and fun! They are perfect for not only Halloween, but Thanksgiving as well! great job on this post!


    1. Thank you so much!!! Someone also suggested to me that you could use them kind of like flower pots and actually plant things in.
      Thank you for the comment!
      ♥ Megan from

      P.S. How did you find my blog?


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