Jamie Gillset Chapter 5

See chapter one HERE, two HERE, three HERE, and four HERE.


‘Whoa,  Jessica! This is amazing!” Jamie looked around the room at each thing.  There was a box with a ragged looking tablecloth and two stumps around it. Against a wall was a chest with the four candles on.  A thing resembling a bookcase held some dishes, cups, a basin, and a bin marked ‘SPOONS AND FORKS’.  There was also something that looked like a hall leading to another room, but it was dark so Jamie couldn’t tell for sure.

Jessica smiled and got down two plates from the shelf.  Then she took the tablecloth off of the box, opened it, and pulled out a clump of leaves.  When Jessica crumpled one it gave off a delicious smell.

“Mint?” Jamie asked.

“Yes, and grown right by the waterfall too!”

Jessica proceeded to make a fire and hang a rather old looking kettle full of water above it.

“This looks like something in a movie!” Jamie said smiling.

When the water was boiling Jessica put the mint leaves in the kettle which she had placed on the ground and stirred it with a spoon. After the leaves soaked a while in the water Jessica went over to the box again and got some sugar.  Then she fished out the leaves and put a little bit of sugar in.  After dumping the whole thing in to a big glass jar with some more water in she asked Jamie if she wanted ice with it.

“Sure!” Jamie replied.  “But do you have any, is the question.”

“Yes I sure do. Follow me!” And she led Jamie down the something that was a hall and into a very cold room. This had a big pile of ice in the middle of it that was covered with a blanket.

“Where’d you get the ice?” asked Jamie.

“In the winter the creek freezes in some places, and I manage to get some pieces of ice.  This room is deep in the ground and it stays cold.  Although on really hot days it will melt a little.  But let’s go now, I’m freezing!”

So they went back to the big room and drank the mint tea which Jamie thought was even better than Mrs. Catie’s.

I’m pretty sure some of the things in here would be pretty hard to do in real life, but after all, it is fiction! 🙂  I also have added more polls to my Poll page.


Has any body been reading my hidden notes?  I don’t do them on all my posts.  I also have added a bunch more polls to my Polls page up at the top of my blog.

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