Coffee Bean’s Close Encounter


Maybe you remember me saying something about a ‘kitten photo story’ back in the poll I did.  Well, I had taken some photos of the kittens a while back and decided that I’d take the rest later.

Well, uh, lets just say that I kinda forgot about it, and discovered that kitties grow up.

But I did manage to scrape together a story with the few pictures that I took.  Enjoy!

Hi humens! Whoops. That’s wrong. I think Megan should help me with my speling hear. Lets start over.

Hi humans!  I knew you would want to hear about my close encounter! Doesn’t it sound simply horrible? It was.

Before we begin, I need to tell you that when this happened, I was quite young and foolish. Not at all like I am now. Why, I was probably only about a month and a half old! Now I am a big strong cat of three and a half (months, that is).


Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 016

Joy and I were strolling around outside the rabbit cage.  It was a pleasant evening around 7:30.

Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 070

I was exploring the big pallet garden when I saw two pairs of legs. I quickly did a scan. Not dog, dogs have four legs, not two. Bird? No. Too big. It could be an ostrich… Oh wait!  It’s a human!

Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 027

Joy and I walked over to investigate. It appeared to be a female human with a thing called a camera.  You might not know what these ‘camera’ things are.  They are devices that humans use that have things inside them. Once I saw a black fluffy cat stuck inside, not moving at all! But that’s isn’t the point.

Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 069

Soon she left to show another creature her camera which now held two kittens inside.  I watched her walk over to this creature.  What is this creature? It was a…

Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 036

RABBIT!  And a very suspicious rabbit too.  I watched the human as she looked at the things inside her camera.

Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 064

I snuck behind a bunch of weeds to spy on them.  They didn’t suspect a thing!  Finally, the human got up and walked off to her own beloved rabbit, named Lily.

Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 074

This is my chance! It’s now or never! I took an astonishing leap, frightening the rabbit so much, she nearly spit out her clover!

Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 040Yeowwww! What just happened? Wait, oh! Ahem. I see the light!

Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 046

Ah. That’s better. That rabbit must have kicked me! Just wait until she sees the wrath of Coffee Bean! Oh wait. She’s thumping. That means she is angry. Just wait until she sees the wrath of Coffee Bean – later.  When I’m bigger.

Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 031

Hmm, smells almost like rotting vegetables! *sniff* *sniff* Hmm, strange rag.

Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 047

Ha! What’s this? Here’s a little crack. Let me just slip through here…

Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 049


Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 054Joy! Joy, where are you? Has the monster eaten you!? JOY!

Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 077


Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 030

Wait! Joy! Watcha doin’? Aren’t you scared?  Grrr. Oh well. Sisters will be sisters.


Heh heh! Silly little me! Thinking a big compost pile was a monster! How cute.

Bye for now!

Fluffy COFFEE (it’s Coffee, not Fluffy) Bean

Wow.  Those are old pictures! the kittens were so tiny.  The pictures got blurry as you probably noticed.  It might have something to do with how fast the kittens move. 🙂



I thought I had lost my camera a week ago but then I found it today. Phew!  Happy late Labor Day too!


8 thoughts on “Coffee Bean’s Close Encounter

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I had my camera on black and white for what ever reason and i think that made him look scarier. 🙂 I really hope you can adopt them! Coffee Bean is more of a fraidy cat and stays close to you while Joy is always going every where.


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