How to Make ATCs

Probably lots of you already know what ATCs are, but in case you don’t, read on!

First of all, what does ATC stand for?  Artist Trading Cards -’cause that’s what they are! And the good news is you don’t have to be a wonderful artist – you can just pick up a pencil and draw a quick scene, or use stickers, yarn, water color, crayons, ribbon, fabric, whatever!


ATCs have to be a certain size.  They must be 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. You can cut these out or you can go online and buy them (here is a link: ). Also they have to be on thicker paper, like cardstock, not just your regular printer paper.


After you have made your drawing, flip your card over and write the title (that’s optional, but it’s fun to do), the date, and your name. Just your first name will be fine.  It’s also fun to do a signature zig-zag, swirl, kitty-cat, etc. at the end of your name.


The next step is to tell people you know about ATCs!  If they make ATCs, then you will have someone to trade with.  We have told a bunch of people about ATCs and I have cards from over ten people even though I started making ATCs only this March! In fact, when my sister and I were at an art class, we told our art teacher about ATCs and now she wants all of her students to make them!

image image

Draw landscpes, portraits, designs, or just doodle!  I love making and trading ATCs.


The last thing I want to tell you is that if I hadn’t known about Haley’s blog I would probably would have never made an ATC. Haley posts about ATCs on her blog so if you want to know more about ATCs, how they started, and inspiration for making them, go check out her blog!

Thanks for reading!


Did you like this post?  I would love it if you made ATCs!  Please comment if you want to make/have made ATCs.  Is this your first time hearing about them? You don’t just have to keep them in a baggie and trade them, take them with you so when you are bored you can look through the many pieces of art. 

7 thoughts on “How to Make ATCs

  1. I had seen these mentioned before and thought they looked super fun to do! Thank you so much for making a post about it (even though I know this was a year ago 😛 )! I love randomly doodling or drawing pretty designs on paper ahemsometimeswhileI’mdoingmyschoolahem and these sound like the perfect thing for me! I don’t know a lot of friends in real life who like art, but I’m still going to make some and hang them around my room just in case an artist friend comes my way. 😉 And ooh, I bet a dolls-making-ATCs-photostory would be interesting, too… Anyway! XD Thanks again for your post on these! They look super awesome and I can’t wait to make some and hopefully trade them!



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