Jamie Gillset – Chapter 4

Ready for chapter four?


Jamie started in surprise.  This girl looked like the same girl that had been riding the horse in her dream.  She had the same ginger hair but her eyes were different.  They were a bluish gray. She had on a blue shirt and on it was a watermelon with sunglasses.  She had capris on.

“Hello?” Jamie repeated.

“Umm, hi!” The girl looked like she was trying to decide whether to stay or run.

“What are you doing in my father’s woods?” Jamie asked.

“Your father’s woods? I-I didn’t know!” The girl’s eyes were wide open.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, they are, and who are you?”

“My name is Jessica.”

“Mine is Jamie.”

“Well, uh, why are you here?” asked Jessica.

“My dad just bought these woods and so I wanted to explore them.  I also got these binoculars from my uncle, and my mom wanted me to try them out.”

“Aha! Well, umm would you like to see my house?”

Jamie thought this was a little strange, being invited to a stranger’s house five minutes after she met her, but she said, “Alright!” anyway.

So Jessica picked up the basket she had dropped when she had first seen Jamie, gathered all the blueberries back up, and led Jamie down a very scrawny path.

“Here we are!”  Jessica announced as they walked into a big clearing.

“A leaf pile?!” Jamie sputtered .

“No.”  Jessica pulled the leaves aside and underneath there was a board, nailed to the ground, with another board hinged onto it.

Jamie gasped, “What’s behind the door?”

Jessica pulled it back to reveal, “A hole?”  Jamie asked.

“Nope” Jessica jumped into the hole.  “Come inside! Don’t worry, there’s a big pile of leaves at the bottom, you won’t get hurt.”

So Jamie jumped down and indeed, there was a big pile of leaves that cushioned her fall rather nicely.

Jessica got down on her hands and knees and crawled into a tunnel.  Jamie followed her, but not without wondering how long the tunnel was and where it led to.  Finally, it opened up into a bigger room.  Well, at least a higher room.  Jamie couldn’t really tell how big it was seeing as it was pitch dark.

This story is getting really fun to write!


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