Answers to Mystery Pictures #2

Yay!  We get to see the winners!  Seven people ‘played’.

 I will post what the guessers guessed and then the answers.

First of all there is Clara.  She guessed that

#1 was a plant in a fish tank,

#2 was a potato,

and #3 was cauliflower (Wow, it does look like cauliflower!).

Next is Sunny who guessed

#1 was sea urchin/anomie

#2 was a banana,

and #3 was popcorn.

American Girl Doll Artist:

I know for sure that #2 is a banana


#1 is some kind of flower,

#2 is a banana peel,

and #3 is popcorn.

Loren guessed that

#1 is a thistle? (suggested by her mom)

#2 is a banana,

#3 is popcorn.

CutePolarBear thinks

 #1 is a flower,

#2 is a banana,

and #3 is popcorn.

And my little sister Carmen guessed

#1 is a flower,

#2 is a banana,

and #3 is some type of flowers.

The answers are coming up real soon.

Really soon.

Like, almost right now.

Literally about (what my brother says sometimes) this instant.


Megan 007
Megan (Joy and Coffebean, Fireworks, Walk, Cows) 001
I didn’t take another picture, so I’ll just have to tell you that it’s popcorn.
Megan (Joy and Coffebean, Fireworks, Walk, Cows) 014

Congratulations everybody!

Another quick thing, sometimes there will be blank space after my sign-off and that’s where I have typed a further note in white.  You can highlight the space to see my writing.😊


Hello! this is my first hidden note.  It’s not really for anything, just for my fun.  But I will probably do this instead of a P.S. 😀

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