Yes!  We are going on vacation in approximately 23 hours! We will be going to Amelia Island in Florida. Do you know why I am so excited?  BECAUSE THE WATER WE BE WARM!!!

This will be a very new experience for me since the warmest beach I have been to was in Delaware and that really wasn’t very warm.  Other beaches I have been to are Maine, Oregon, and uh… I don’t remember any more.

We will be gone for about ten days.  Probably the only posts you will see from me will be Photo of the Weeks since I am scheduling those.

VACATION TIME!! (Or rather PACKING TIME! and then vacation time)


10 thoughts on “VACATION!

  1. Hi Megan! I have a little bit of news to share with you (and anyone else reading this that follows my blog).
    My tablet (where I usually do posts and answer emails) is dying-it won’t hold a charge anymore. WordPress doesn’t work on the family laptop, so I can’t do any posts for a bit. I hopefully will be able to get a new tablet soon, but I just wanted to let you know that if you don’t see me around for a while, this is why. 😉

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