The Yo-Yon Flower -Part 4

See part one, two, and three.

Ashley looked down at her pajama shirt.  It was pretty hot and long-sleeves didn’t feel the best. She looked to the Transporter, hoping.  Sure enough! There was a fancy dress with sandals.

Megan (Yo-Yon, Mango, Daisy, Jinx) 003 (1024x576)

She took it off the hook and noticed a bag.

Megan (Yo-Yon, Mango, Daisy, Jinx) 004 (1024x576).jpg

She reached into it.  It was full of francs (French coins).

Megan (Yo-Yon, Mango, Daisy, Jinx) 005 (1024x576).jpg

This will come in handy.  She thought as she slipped into her dress.  Since the dress didn’t have pockets she stuck the key in her shoe.

Megan (Yo-Yon, Mango, Daisy, Jinx) 006 (1024x576).jpg

Ashley looked around for Mudpie, and saw him a little way off, standing in front of a person.

Megan (Yo-Yon, Mango, Daisy, Jinx) 007 (1024x576).jpg

There was also something on the table where the person was standing.

Megan (Yo-Yon, Mango, Daisy, Jinx) 008 (1024x576).jpg

I was an easel with a painting of Mudpie. Ashley sighed. “Oh Mudpie!”  But she paid the lady and took the painting.

Megan (Yo-Yon, Mango, Daisy, Jinx) 009 (1024x576).jpg

Just then she noticed a delicious smell coming from around the corner.  She lifted her head and sniffed the air.

Megan (Yo-Yon, Mango, Daisy, Jinx) 011 (1024x576).jpg

Ashley walked to where the smell was coming from and found a stand with some yummy looking baguettes. A cheerful looking lady was sitting close by.

Megan (Yo-Yon, Mango, Daisy, Jinx) 012 (1024x576).jpg

Her sign said: Fresh Bread.

Megan (Yo-Yon, Mango, Daisy, Jinx) 013 (1024x576).jpg

Ashley bought a loaf and stuck it in her sack.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 002

As she wondered down the street she examined the painting of Mudpie.  She turned it over. On the back there was a little jewel and a note!

Megan (Yo-Yon, Mango, Daisy, Jinx) 014 (1024x576).jpg

The key is for a chest. Throw this into the air.


Ashley felt silly as she threw the thing into the air.

Megan (Yo-Yon, Mango, Daisy, Jinx) 016 (1024x576).jpg

Then it fell on the ground. Well, that was useless. She thought. but then Mudpie raced over to it, picked it up in his mouth, and raced away. “Mudpie! Come back!” Ashley shouted after him.

Megan (Yo-Yon, Mango, Daisy, Jinx) 017

I just did a cliff hanger (sort of)! Aren’t you so proud of me!?


P.S. Here are some bonus pictures of Maggie that I took with McKenna.

Megan (Yo-Yon, Mango, Daisy, Jinx) 022 (1024x576).jpg

Megan (Yo-Yon, Mango, Daisy, Jinx) 029 (1024x576).jpg

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