Grand News!

Are you ready to hear the great and grand news?  It contains something we got last night, and also has something to do with these creatures:

Megan (Joy and Coffebean, Fireworks, Walk, Cows) 044

Actually, you know what?  I am going to let you guess. But I will tell you real soon!

Guess away my dears!


Oh, all right.  I guess I can tell you (See, I did tell you real soon!).


We are going to have baby bunnies!!!  Yep! That’s right! Jeff just got a buck last night and they will be able to have babies sometime around January!  But we probably won’t quite then because that’s a little cold for rabbits.

We have to wait awhile because he is only about three months old.  It’ll be a long time, but still, SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Oh, and his name is Olaf :D.

And in case you didn’t notice, there will be no Photo of the Week this week. But next week’s photo will be one of – well, you probably know who. 🙂


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