Answers to Mystery Pictures!

Okay!!  Are you ready to see the answers? First I am going to tell you what they are, and then who got what right (:[] ). Number one was…. Megan 658 The one, the only, Maggie! Number two was…. Megan, (Corn, Flowers, Shed) 006 Pine needles!

And the last and hardest one was… Megan, (Corn, Flowers, Shed) 011 CORN!

Now, for who got what right. ( :[] )  This was hard because I got every version of these things (thus the :[] face).

The first person is Clara. She guessed…

#1 Hair.

#2 An evergreen tree.

#3 Either rocks or frozen corn.

Sooooo, she got one exactly right and the others are a little iffy ( :[] ).  Probably 1 and 34/35.

Next, AG Dolls And Fun. She guessed…

#1 is a dog

#2 is a pine tree

#3 is… Well I don’t know. Two right!!

And then there is Rebekah.  Her guesses were…

#1 dog hair

 #2 pine needles  

#3 frozen mango

Two right again!

DollDIYs / Haley…

#1 dog hair?

#2 pine needles on tree

#3 frozen peaches??

Two again! See what I mean #3 is the hardest!?


#1 I think it’s Maggie

 #2 A pine tree of some sort

 #3 Umm . . . I have no idea. It looks like some kind of fruit that’s been frozen. Corn, maybe?

Two or Three! (Did you mean frozen corn, or plain corn?)

And last but definitely NOT least, Kara!

1# some kind of animal hair?

2# those things on pine trees. (I’m going blank on what they’re called) 

3# frozen peaches or frozen popsicles? I’d say two….


So, all around, I think Loren probably got the most right, seeing as she guessed Maggie specifically.  Also, if she guessed plain corn, not frozen corn then that would be three points. Also, I am wondering, did everybody guess that the corn was something frozen because of the little pink stuff on it?  Here is a picture of the corn:

Megan, (Corn, Flowers, Shed) 012

See?  If you click on the picture you might be able to see that the ‘ice crystals’ ( I am assuming that’s what you thought they were) are really more like specks of dust.  Actually, it’s called chaff. Its just like little pieces of corn cob. I hope you enjoyed the little lesson on chaff!  Oh, and the post too. XP!


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