Another Kitten Duo

Yeah, I know, first Caesar and BoBo and now these? But according to the likes, Caesar and BoBo was a pretty popular post, and these kittens are extremely cute.

But first I need to tell you their names.Β  There is a boy and a girl. The girl is Joy and the boy is Coffee Bean.

Picture time, picture time, picture, picture, PICTURE TIME! Heheh πŸ™‚

Here is the Joyful.

Megan (Joy and Coffebean, Fireworks, Walk, Cows) 028

And another Joyful.

Megan (Joy and Coffebean, Fireworks, Walk, Cows) 029

And here is cutie Coffee Bean. Somehow, my camera does not seem to like black cats.Β  So this is the best one I got.

Megan (Joy and Coffebean, Fireworks, Walk, Cows) 030

As you can see from the picture above, Bean’s left eye is closed. That’s how it was when we found him. we are trying to fix it up,Β  but it isn’t getting much better.Β  Any suggestions?

Anyways, which kitty duo did you like best?


P.S. Caesar does not like the kittens, but BoBo doesn’t mind them.


12 thoughts on “Another Kitten Duo

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. THOSE ARE THE CUTEST DARN KITTIES!!! I want to like it a thousand times!!!!!! Poor Kitty. I feel bad that it’s eyes are closed. We found Twila abandoned and a part of her ear was shorter than the other ear. I hope her previous owner did not mistreat her. I think you should take that darling little kitten to the vet. CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!! SHUTTING DOWN.


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