Jamie Gillset ~ Chapter 2

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Ready for chapter two?  Read chapter one HERE.



Jamie was swimming in their heated pool when the supper song started playing.  Mrs. Gillset didn’t want a bell to ring for supper so she got one of her friends to write and sing a short “supper song” for her.  The song went like this:

Supper, supper everyone!

Come to the table, run, run, run!

When you hear this song you’ll know,

That food is waiting for you, OH!

Breakfast lunch and supper,

These three meals are super!

Breakfast lunch and supper,

These three meals are superrrrrrrr!


            There was also a breakfast and lunch song but these were worse than the supper song so I won’t put them on.

Jamie groaned and ran to the table.

Jamie slipped into her seat at the end of the table where her dad and mom were waiting. The supper song stopped.

Mrs. Catie, the cook, brought in salad for everyone. It was very delicious.  Mr. Gillset always started the conversation at the table and now he started it with:

“So, what’d you get from Uncle Ollie?  Your mom told me he came today!”


“Aha!  That sounds great! Now you can see birds up close, and then you can tell us what they are!”


“Maybe binoculars aren’t the greatest present ever for a girl, but maybe you could use them sometime, what do you know? It might be fun!”  This came from Mrs. Gillset.

“Mom, I can easily see the birds at our place by looking through the gazillion telescopes we have.”

“Well, woods have different birds than gardens do, and that would be a good place look!”  Mrs. Gillset argued.

“And where are these woods?” Jamie asked.

“Well-!” Mr. Gillset’s said. “Well, that is what I’ve been wanting to say, I just bought the woods outside our estate and it’s called Paterson’s Woods.  You could go there to look for birds!”

“Oh!  Could I go tomorrow?”  Jamie wasn’t interested in the birds, just that her dad had bought The Woods!  They had always seemed so nice and Jamie had always wanted to see what they looked like.

“Of course! And since I’m still going to be here tomorrow, you can tell us about all the birds you see!” Mrs. Gillset seemed genuinely excited.

“Okay, I’ll probably get up early, so don’t expect me for breakfast, and can you ask Mrs. Catie to put a bag of food on the counter for me?”

Mrs. Catie came in the door carrying a plate of oysters just then and said, “I’ll be glad to do that for you honey!”

* * * * *

Jamie sighed contentedly as she swallowed the last piece of chocolate mousse cake.  She put one last oyster into her pocket for a bedtime snack and asked to be excused. Then she ran up the stairs to see if there were any new clothes that would be good for tomorrow.


The next chapter is where it gets exciting!


11 thoughts on “Jamie Gillset ~ Chapter 2

  1. Haha, the supper song sounds hilarious….and hilariously awful. 😉 I don’t think I’d want to know what the breakfast and lunch ones sound like. XD


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