6 Places I (Jinx) Have Slept In

*This is told as if Jinx himself was telling it*

Hello fans!  Wait a sec, MEGAN!  Uggh! It is SO annoying when Megan types in MY post.  I mean, everybody can tell that my posts are WAY better than hers.  Like, she posts about MAGGIE!  Isn’t that so sad? What is this world coming to?  Anymeow, let’s proceed, shall we? 

1.  This sleeping place has a velvet cushion that I can sleep on. It’s just a old chair cushion in the basement, Jinx. Whatever!  And may I metion you did NOT take a picture? Ermmm. Well, it is quite comfpurrable and I rate it 5 stars. Top Notch.

5 Stars

2.  Beds.  Not any certain beds, just beds.  Although Carmen sometimes forces me to sleep on hers.  Except my bed mister!  I sleep on it!  You just never see me when I do!

3 Stars

Megan real quick 003

3.  Couches.  Very comfy!  But it is easy to be seen on them and don’t you just hate it when someone sees you and screeches “JIIIIINX!!’ in a very high pitched voice and then he/she comes and hugs you? Well it isn’t the pleasantest when you bite my feet for no reason when I am eating either.  Well, umm…. you always have dirty feet and I’m just licking the dirt off.  You can’t blame me if my teeth get a little in the way!  Eh-heh, yeah right.

4 Stars

Megan real quick 001

4. *No Picture* In a box of corn.  It may seem uncofpurrable to you, but I like it myself.  It is also in a dark room in the basement that usually has some puddles on the floor so people don’t come in there often.  I guess I’ll have to come down there more often then.  Nooooooo!

3 Stars

5. In wash baskets.  The more clothes in, the better.  Verrrry soft but people often screech over me even more than when I’m on the couch.

4 Stars

Megan 001

6. Behind the computer. I wouldn’t have gone there if Megan hadn’t picked me up and put me on the computer desk in the first place, of course.  Oh, I’m going to add that when Jinx laid down he- looked very majestic. No. I wasn’t going to say that. I was going to say that when he sat down his mass of body- HEY!  That is not nice! Sorry Jinx. His, umm, extra skin poufed out and made the screen tip forward. 😿🙀

3 1/2 Stars

Megan 045 Megan 044

Welp! That’s all for now folks!

Jinx and Megan


and Megan

Hey! where’d you get that??

15 thoughts on “6 Places I (Jinx) Have Slept In

  1. LOL! Jinx is such a cutie! I might do a post like this on my blog! (with credits to you and jinx of course!) Twila would love to speak her mind! (she says meow to jinx!)


      1. Nope, but I wish I did! My mom’s allergic to most dogs and cats. Sigh. I want a bunny, or a cute little kitten to terribly bad though. 😛 I used to have a bunch of fish, but our fishy filter int heir tank shredded them to death :'(.


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