The Quest of the Yo-Yon Flower- Part Three!🌺

Annnnd now, Ladies and Gentlemen, we present, the long awaited for… Quest of the Yo-Yon Flower-PART THREE!! Thank you, thank you very much! So, as I mentioned in other posts, I thought I couldn’t finish this series because I did not have a stuffed penguin, but I thought up a genius solution for this problem.  You will see that solution later in the part.  If you haven’t read part one and two, just visit this page for one, and this for two. Now, on to the story!!


Ashley rubbed her arms. It was freezing!  She decided to get back into her pajama shirt. At least it was long-sleeved! She looked back at the Transporter.  Somehow two winter blankets had appeared on a nail inside. She grabbed them.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 003

After wrapping the fur shawl around herself, she wound the other blanket around Mudpie’s middle, hoping to keep him warm.  Strangely, he didn’t try to get it off like he normally would have, but just wondered out into the snow.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 004

Ashley turned around to close the Transporter door when she saw that a ring with two keys had been under the blankets.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 005

She figured they must be extra keys to the Transporter so she kept one in the Transporter and stuck the other in her pocket.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 006

Then she sat down to try and get a fire going.  Soon she had a little one, just big enough to warm her frostbitten hands.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 007

Soon she heard Mudpie barking and went off to see what he was barking at.  But first she dumped some snow on the remains of the fire.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 008

He had his nose stuck in a pile of snow and was growling fiercely.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 009

Then Mudpie yelped and stepped back as a little penguin stepped -or rather rolled- out of the snow.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 010

But when Ashley looked closer she saw that it was more like an over-grown ping-pong ball with a penguin on the front.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 011

Ashley picked it up.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 012

It turned around and a message popped up on the blank side of this ‘penguin ball’ it said, Follow Me!

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 013

Then it hopped out of Ashley’s hands and rolled away.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 014

“Come on Mudpie”  Ashley yelled and started chasing it. The ball led them to a seal.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 015

Ashley noticed it had a collar with a note attached to it.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 016

She picked it up.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 017

Ashley read it out loud to Mudpie.  “Ashley, you are doing well. Your next stop will be… FRANCE!  Mudpie! We are going to FRANCE! Oh wait, there’s more.”

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 018

She turned it over and read, “Take the Pengoball and the seal with you. Don’t worry, youc an leave the seal in the Magic Transporter. — Mr. Tum”

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 019

It was rather a tight squeeze into the Transporter, but they managed.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 020

Ashley typed in “France” and they were off.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 021

Ashley stepped out.  She was in France.

Megan (Bread, Yo-Yon) 022


There! I finally got that done.  Did you like that?


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