Jamie Gillset~Preface and Chapter 1

I have been working on a story for a while and I decided to share it with you.  Jamie Gillset probably won’t be the real title, but I can’t think of any title for it so that’ll have to do.  It’s about seven pages long so far and it would be longer, but somehow it got deleted 😦  😦 😡  Here it is!



Jamie could hear hooves pounding behind her.  She ran hard, but the hooves kept coming.  Then from the midst of the herd came a girl riding on a Blue Roan.  She rushed toward Jamie and pulled her into the saddle.  Then the horse quickened his pace and they left the herd at a gallop.  The girl had ginger hair and jade colored eyes.  She started talking to Jamie.
            “That was Hoogan’s herd.  It’s good to steer clear from them.  Hoogan’s not a mean horse, just a protective one.”
            “Hoogan’s herd?” asked Jamie.
            “Yes, Hoogan’s herd.”
            Then Jamie woke up. She had had this dream often and was puzzled by it.  She shrugged and went down-stairs to eat breakfast.


            Jamie Gillset was rich, but not spoiled.  Yes, it was true that her parents allowed her a lot of things, but that didn’t mean she wanted a lot of things.  Yet, when her birthday came around, there were some things she found that she wanted.  No, she even said she needed a few things.   Jamie was also adopted.  Her dad, Mr. Gillset, ran a company that sold the new (and very popular) Creams Crunch candy bar.
            It was her 12th birthday, May 27th, and this year it was the first day of summer vacation and she was going to go to the water park with her parents.  She never had a party, for everyone at her school thought she was stuck-up, so she didn’t have any friends there. Well, she once had a friend. Her name was Jennie, but she moved to Rhode Island three years ago and Jamie hardly ever saw her.
            After the water park, Jamie would get tons of visits and packages from her aunts and uncles (her mother had eight siblings and her dad had ten).
            She got for her birthday, a very rare plant with an unpronounceable name from her grandmother Euphemia; a 6 foot stuffed mole from her aunt who sold stuffed animals; an aqua colored purse with a burglar alarm from one of her aunts and uncles; a Dalmatian puppy which she named Checkers from the maid, the cook, and the butler; a diamond and pearl necklace from her mom and dad; and tons of clothing from all of her other aunts and uncles.  Jamie loved every single thing.
            She was playing with her giant mole (she named him Truffle) when the maid called her into the living room and said that her mom and her uncle were waiting for her.  Jamie put Truffle in his closet, and went down the stairs to see her uncle.
            In the living room was her Uncle Levi, her mom, and Zach, the butler.
            “Hello James!” Uncle Levi bellowed.
            “It’s Jamie.” She muttered.  Being called James was her pet peeve, and she was pretty sure her uncle knew that.
            “Well then, hello Jamie! I’ve brought ya a gift!”
            “Oh! Thank you!”
            “Would you like anything to drink Levi?”  Jamie’s mom asked.
            “Well, I love a good Sprite!”
            “Zach, get Levi a Sprite, please.”
            “Diet?” asked Zach.
            Uncle Levi handed Jamie the present.  It was a camouflage gift bag with mud brown tissue paper sticking out.  Jamie wondered who made such disgusting tissue paper.  She took the bag and stuck her hand in.  She felt something pretty small that had a knob on it.  She brought her hand up and pulled out… Binoculars!
            Jamie gave a half-hearted smile.  “Yay! Now I can look for, uh, birds!”  Uncle Levi didn’t realize that Jamie didn’t like her newest gift.
            “Yup!  When I was growing up we always called them field glasses.”
            Another measly smile.
            “Well,” Mrs. Gillset said with an optimistic tone, “That is just a wonderful gift!  They look simply beautiful!”
            Jamie stared at her mom.  Binoculars were not exactly beautiful.
            “See this little knob on it?”  Uncle Levi asked, pointing to a knob on the big end of the binoculars.  “You can twist that and things get blurrier or clearer!”
            Measly smile.
            “You make it get blurry, and then when you see a blob of something you twist it the other way until it gets clear!”
            Jamie wondered if her uncle wanted another pair of binoculars.  She didn’t even want one.
            “Welp, Cheerio!”  and with that, Uncle Levi was out the door.  That was the way with most of the Gillsets.  They were talking about something and all relaxed like, and then away they went.  Oh well, now Jamie could get to more important things.  She started to climb the stairs back up to her room when her mom called to her and said, “Make sure you come quickly for supper!  Your father is back from his trip and wants us to eat supper all together.”

Did you like it? I hope you did!

Welp! Cheerio!


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