Photo of the Week

I’m going to try to do Photo of the Week again.  So here is the photo of this week.  “Two Geese”

megan 107


11 thoughts on “Photo of the Week

    1. ☺☺ Well, the geese were at least. They actually had been staying there for a while. They are the same geese that had the goslings a few posts down. But they went away!!! 😡 I think they went to a pond just a tiny but down the road from ours.

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    1. Ummm… Its a NIkon Coolpix S6400, but it actually isn’t that great for photos usually I edited this one. To tell you the truth, my camera a]has been dropped and even washed in the wash machine and dried in the dryer! XD it has some cracks on the screen even! I hope to get a better one soon! It’s also kind of coming apart at the top. I am very surprised it still works. here is a link to one on Amazon. (Except it was WAY cheaper!!!!)

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      1. Neat! Wow, it sounds like that camera has been through a lot. 🙂 I have a Nikon Coolpix, too! 🙂


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