Peepers and Geese


This title sort of reminds me of a parrot saying, “pieces of eight, pieces of eight, BWAK!” (“Peepers and geese, peepers and geese, HONK!”)  Anwho, around May our pond usually has some animals in it (besides snapping turtles, >:C, and bugs) and the major ones right now are geese and (spring) peepers.  The geese have the cutest goslings, and I think they may be the same geese who came here last year.  There are six adorable little goslings right now and here they are!

Rabbit Megan 011 (800x450).jpgRabbit Megan 015 (800x450).jpg

Rabbit Megan 017 (800x450)

And now for the peepers.  Logan, Jeff, and I went peeper gigging two nights ago, and it was soooo FUN!  you walk around on the edge of the pond and when you hear a close peep, you follow the sound and pretty soon you see a peeper!  They just sit there peeping with their throats a bubbling!

Rabbit Megan 009

You may want to click on this picture to see it larger. This is the first peeper we caught and then released.  He’s “walking on water” or rather, duckweed!

Rabbit Megan 032 (800x450)

This is our second frog we caught. We named him Good Boy.  Isn’t it funny how they stick to the walls?

Rabbit Megan 033 (800x450)

Here he is again!

The second time we went peeper gigging just Logan and I went.  We caught 11!  and we named each one.  Of course you can’t tell who is who, but that’s fine! 😉 We put them in a jar and boy, did they peep!  We let them out today for a “airing out” and recaught three of them who are now sitting in our jar.

Until next time!!


P.S. My rabbit, Rutabaga, died! 😦 But hopefully I can get a buck (male rabbit) and we can have kits! (baby rabbits)

P.S.S. Don’t you think there should be May Fools? Scroll down to the comments on this post!  It will be on May 11th!

19 thoughts on “Peepers and Geese

  1. I am all set for May fools! This is gonna be so fun- I have an awesome trick😀
    Btw, I love your blog!



    I’m currently taking a break from jumping on the couch and singing “lalalalalalalalaaaaaa” in front of my bemused family. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think I’ll googly-eye my sibling’s rooms, TP the house, replace the forks with white plastic ones, and maybe something else. Dunno, but I’ll tell you what I do!


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