Pet Photo Contest and Other Such Things


I’m going to do a Pet Photo Contest.  The rules are very simple.

  • Take a photo of your pet.  It has to be taken by you. Not by your sister or anything like that.
  • Post the picture on your blog.  Your post should look kind of like this:

Megan 015

Megan at Dandelions and Daisies is doing a pet photo contest and I am entering this photo of my cat Jinx.
  • Comment saying you did it and paste a link of your post in your comment.
  • The contest ends on the 13th.
  • Please comment whether you would like me to do a poll so that every one can vote, or if you want me to be judge.
  • There WILL be a first, second, and third place.
  • There is no prize, but if you want, you can tell your pet that he/she is the Dandelion Pet of the Month. ;D

I hope you will enter!

Now for the ‘Other Such Things’:

The Caption It! Winner is ……………………………………… chaemaddalone! Her caption was:

Oh wow, somebody is staring at me. Taking a picture. Flight or fight. Oh my. Vanity attack! Vanity attack! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Her caption was for this picture.


The last ‘Other Such Thing’ is a poll. 😛

Fare thee well!


38 thoughts on “Pet Photo Contest and Other Such Things

  1. Just wondering… What quailfies as a pet? Honey bees? 😉 I also have stuffed animals…. 🙂



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