Make a Marbled Washer Necklace

Megan (carpet, daffodils, necklace) 020

When we were doing mini society I made some washer necklaces and I decided to do a craft post on them.   It is very simple, just make sure you don’t make the same mistake I did – making these without nail polish remover on hand, your hand will get polishy. (Sorry spellcheck, I’m just going to leave it that way.)

Megan (carpet, daffodils, necklace) 024

What you will need:

  • an old container filled with water
  • a pencil or wooden dowel
  • two colors of nail polish (three works, but two looks better)
  • a small washer, the size of a penny
  • embroidery floss

To start with, choose two colors of nail polish and unscrew the lids.  But wait! Don’t do anything quite yet.  Get both hands on the lids and…. GO! Quick!  Pick up the lids and hold them over the water.  The nail polish should sink to the bottom of the container.  Don’t be afraid if the nail polish kinda goes away when the first drop hits the water; it always does that.

Megan (carpet, daffodils, necklace) 029

Swirl the nail polish with your pencil or dowel.

Megan (carpet, daffodils, necklace) 031

And place the washer necklace on top of the nail polish.  The nail polish dries on top of the water very quickly, so don’t wait long.

Megan (carpet, daffodils, necklace) 034

And voila!

Megan (carpet, daffodils, necklace) 037

Now for step two.  Take your embroidery floss and cut a length that is about ten inches long when folded in half.

Megan (carpet, daffodils, necklace) 038

The tying is super easy, just extremely hard to describe.  First, put the looped end of the floss through the washer………..

Megan (carpet, daffodils, necklace) 039

And pull the unlooped end through the looped end.

Megan (carpet, daffodils, necklace) 046Pull the unlooped string….

Megan (carpet, daffodils, necklace) 048

….until it closes tight.

Megan (carpet, daffodils, necklace) 054

Congratulations! You have made a marbled washer necklace!

So long!


5 thoughts on “Make a Marbled Washer Necklace

  1. Aww this is so creative and awesome! When I have some spare time I’ll definitely have to consider giving this a go. I’ve just discovered your blog and will definitely be checking up on it lots. It would be so fantastic if you could check out my blog and leave a comment telling me what you think.
    Thank you


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