A Valentine Cat

Here is a short story I made up.  Happy Valentines Day!

A Valentine Cat

By Megan

It all happened early one Valentines morning. I, who am 10, was downstairs eating a breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, and an apple when I heard a little meow. It came from outside on the doorstep. I opened the door, and to my surprise there was a little kitten! She had a cardboard heart around her neck that said, “Hi! I am a little kitten with no name and am looking for a home.“ On her fur she had white hearts. Other than that she was completely black. I wondered how she had got there.

Then my dog FuFu, who hated cats, and never let one in his territory, came running. He started growling but the cat just sat there and purred and purred. She came to FuFu and licked him with her very pink tongue. FuFu just sat there looking very annoyed.

I went and got my mom who was still in bed. “Mom!” I said. “There’s a strange cat outside! She has little hearts on her and a big cardboard heart around her neck. And FuFu doesn’t even mind her!” The thing my mom was most surprised about was that FuFu did not mind the cat. She got out bed and came down stairs to see. There was FuFu with the cat, and he was actually letting her eat out of his food bowl! “Wow!” Said my mom. “That cat must have put an enchantment on FuFu.”

Then my little sister Mia who just turned three came down from her bedroom. “Kitty!” she yelled, and picked the cat up and squeezed her. Really hard. “Stop that and please put her down.” I told Mia. Immediately Mia put her down and said, “Oh, okay Ellie” The cat must have put an enchantment on her to! My little sister hardly ever cared to listen to me.

My brother Evan came down stairs. “What’s all the noise?” He asked. “Ev” Mia said. “Look at the kitty!” Then to Mom, “Can we keep kitty?”. “We’ll have to ask your father” Mom replied. “He doesn’t like cats very well, but maybe this one will be different.”

“Daddy’s home!” shouted Mia. “Look Daddy!” said Mia, “Come and look at my kitty!“ I rolled my eyes. Yup I thought look at my kitty. Dad laughed, “you know I don’t like cats so you might as well not try to get me to like this one!”

Dad walked inside and sat down in his easy chair to read the news. The cat leaped up into his lap and Dad started to stroke it! Our mouths dropped. Since when had Dad liked cats? Dad looked at us ad smiled sheepishly. “Well,” he said, “I might as well enjoy her while she’s here!”

At the dinner table Mia spilled some milk “Mia!” Mom groaned. The cat (we had decided to call her sweetie much to Nathaniel’s sorrow ) came into the room and cocked her head and looked at dad. “Go on, lick it up” he told her. She walked over to the milk and started licking the milk. Soon it was all gone.

The next day Dad went shopping and brought back cat food, a litter box, a scratching post, and a collar. We finally had a cat. But we didn’t just have a cat, we had a Valentine Cat.

The End

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