AAF~ Part 3: Maggie and Jinx

So here’s part three of AAF.  This time its about our dog and cat, who don’t like each other, but they’ll have to be in the same post.


Maggie is our lovable Labrador dog.

Date adopted: 26th of October, 2013

Birthday: July 10th, 2013

Breed: Yellow Lab

Cuteness: 100%!

Maggie is a very playful puppy  dog  (she still seems like a puppy to me) but she can be very calm.  We might have named her Ginger and her name before we adopted her was Chloe if I remember right.  She has the most pictures.

Megan- 2-24-14 001Megan 658

Happy 1st birthday Maggie girl!

Megan 470

Rolling in the nice cool grass.

Megan 523 Megan 521 Megan 520

Good girl Maggie!

Megan 05-17-14 077

Such a pretty puppy.

2014-8-4-Allison 061
My sister Allison took this picture.

I saved the best picture for last.  Isn’t this so cute?

Megan 039


This big handsome dude is our cat, Jinx.

Megan 797Jinx is solid black excepting a few white hairs on his chest (getting old?☺).  He is three years old and his birthday is some time between late July and early August.  He weighs 12lb and is about 2 feet 2 inches long.  We were going to possibly name him Charlie and his original name was Porkchop (weird, huh?).  He likes to nap in odd places some times such as….

On the back of our couch and…

Megan 591
When I put this picture on another post my cousins captioned it, “Ah, this is life. I’m the king around here and if I’m a king can’t I do as I please. I’m going to take a nap so don’t bother me.”

In the middle of a bunch of papers (there actually are some scissors there).

Megan 478

This picture is blurry but oh so funny! Jinx was tired from chasing the mouse everywhere and he didn’t mind when I put the mouse on top of him!

megan 6-26-14 006

Although sometimes he can be grumpy…

Megan 833

He will always come out on top.

Megan 492


4 thoughts on “AAF~ Part 3: Maggie and Jinx

  1. I love labs! I used to have a black lab but she died. I watched her get ran over. It was really painful and I can’t bring myself to get another dog because I don’t want it to get ran over…..


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