A Walk

Awhile back my mom thought it would be fun to walk all around our farm’s property borders.  We all thought that sounded fun, and so we set out at around  3:00.  We found a lot of things on our farm that I didn’t know we had.  For one, we have a cave on our farm! I don’t know how big it is, but dad says that a man we know has been in it before.

Megan 027 Megan 028

We also saw many beautiful trees along the way (remember I said we took this walk a long time ago, so it was still fall).

Megan 032

These hills look beautiful with the fields rolling across them.  Just like in books!:)

Megan 0302

We walked about three miles for three hours through tangled woods and we still didn’t walk the whole property borders!

Well, maybe next time!


P.S. Lots of these pictures are edited

P.P.S. I have a few new pages!


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