Mini Society

Wow! I just looked at my last post and it has been a whole 11 days since I did a post last.*Gulp!*  Anyways, last Friday, at our homeschool co-op, we had a mini society.  This is where the whole middle school makes products and sells them to the teachers, high schoolers, and some of the younger grades.  My group had 5 people, one of which was Loren.  So, now that you know what our mini society is, I will tell you what I made for it.

First of all I made glow in the dark not so glow in the dark flubber slimy stuff.

I used this recipe, and I am pretty sure it would have worked, if I had used Elmer’s glue.

I also made some neat washer necklaces.  A few we ( Loren and I ) painted with normal paint, (sorry, no pictures) and some I painted by marbling nail polish. (Post about that hopefully coming soon)

Megan 109

I also made….. BROWNIES!  The boys bought those pretty quickly. ☺

Here is the recipe:

4 eggs

2 cups of sugar                   Beat these ingredients together in a bowl for one minute

1 tsp. salt                            at medium speed of electric mixer until light.

2 tsp. vanilla


1 cup of butter

1 and 1/2 cup of flour                     Blend together on low speed

2/3 cup of cocoa powder


Put them in your oven at 350 Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.

Voila! You have made brownies!  This recipe is actually supposed to be a micorave recipe, but we made it into an oven recipe.  The cookbook that I used is HERE.

Here are pictures of what others were selling.

Lava lamps!

Megan 121

One person in our group was selling Aloe Vera plants!

Megan 126

Hair Bands

Megan 123


Megan 124


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