AAF Part 2- Bunnies🐰

I decided it’s time to do part 2 of AAF. (Animals Around the Farm)  Part 2 is about our three adorable bunnies. They are all sisters and their names are Rootabaga, Honeybunny, and Diamond.

Honey Bunny

We got the bunnies on the 15th of August.  Honeybunny belongs to my sister Allison, Diamond to Carmen, and Rootabaga to me.  They are the Silver Fox breed.  Here is a tidbit about them from The Field Guide to Rabbits by Samantha Johnson

“Size: Large

Nickname: “One of a kind since 1929″

ALBC status: Critical (estimated global population of less than 500)”

So there you have it!  We have some very rare rabbits on our farm.  Of course they are just for pets only.  Not for meat.

Here are pictures.

Playing in the leaves
Honeybunny playing in the leaves
Doesn’t Diamond look curious?

Oh, one more thing, they LOVE to chew!  Here are pictures of before and after 5 minutes of hungry, chewing, bunnies.

Megan 035   Megan 036

Farewell!  I’m off to play with bunnies!


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