Animals Around the Farm-Part 1🐾

I decided to do a series of posts about some of the animals around our farm.

In the first part you will get a sneak peek of all the animals I will be showing you.

Maggie and Jinx

I’m going to put these two together in one post.

meg 003 image

Tadpoles and Frog (Bubble)

We caught the tadpoles in a mini pond and the frog was under a sheet of metal in the creek/trickle.

Megan 020 Megan 021(Bubble the frog is peeking out of the water)


On our farm we have three 450 feet long chicken houses with 8,000 thousand chickens in each one.

Megan 068

Cows and calves

The cows and calves actually belong to our dad’s cousin.

Megan 059 Megan 061


Our rabbits are only for pets. They are NOT for meat.


Megan 056 Megan 055 Megan 051



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