The Quest of the Yo-Yon Flower-Part 2🌺

You can read the first part here.

Ashley had been walking for about half an hour when she heard barking.

Megan 001

“Mudpie!” She exclaimed.  “No! you can’t come with me!” Mudpie looked up at her and whined. “Please Mudpie!” Ashley begged. “Pleease go home!” Mudpie looked at her and sat down. “I guess Mudpie will need someone to take care of him,”  she thought.  Then she said, “Oh Mudpie! How do you get people to do what ever you want!?”  Then she decided it was time for breakfast.  She reached into her bag, and pulled out an apple.

While Ashley was eating the apple,  Mudpie found a bone to chew on.

They finished the apple and the bone, and were on their way.

Megan 005


“Whew Mudpie!” Ashley exclaimed.  ” I need a rest!”  Ashley sat down to rest while Mudpie walked around, sniffing things.  Suddenly he stopped and started barking.  Ashley went over to where he was and noticed a big box.

Megan 007

This is what the box said,

Megan 008


Ashley tried to open it but it was locked. “The note!” she thought. “Maybe the note says what to do!”  She pulled it out of her pack. When she opened it, a key fell out.

Megan 006

She bent down to pick it up.  She pushed it into the key hole.  It fit perfectly!

When she pulled the door open, there was a computer thingy inside.

Megan 012

She looked at the clue on the back of the note.  This is what it said,




She typed “Antarctica” in the computer and pressed “ENTER”

Megan 017

At first the box didn’t do a thing. But then it started whirling like crazy!  Finally, it stopped, and Ashley stepped outside.

Megan 016

She was in Antarctica

The snow in the last picture is actually fake snow.  We do not have snow in September.

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