The Quest of the Yo-Yon Flower Part 1🌺

I don’t usually do AG stuff but I thought it would be fun to try a photo story.  My doll’s name is McKenna.


Ashley was a 6th grader with blonde-brown hair and blue eyes. Math was her worst subject by FAR and science was her favorite. Right now, she was asleep.

DSCN5733Her dog, Mudpie, came bounding up on her bed and started licking her 5 minutes before her alarm went off, like always. “O.K.! O.K.!” Ashley giggled. “I surrender! just let me up!”


Mudpie finally let Ashley go and she sat up. Just then she noticed a note.


This is what the note said.


Dear Ashley,

Your brother and parents have been captured by Mr. Tweezle!

The only thing that can save them is the everlasting Yo-Yon flower.

You will find the clues to where it is on the back of this letter.

Signed,       mr. tum

“WHAT!?”  thought Ashley. Then she thought, “Of course!  This is another one of

annie’s tricks!”  Then she said aloud, “Yeah right Danny!  Do you really expect me to believe this?!”  There was no reply.  She got up and went over to Danny’s bed.  He wasn’t there!


“DANNY?” she yelled. Still no reply. “Oh no!” she said, ” it’s true!”  She got changed and started packing her stuff.  This is what she packed, a $20 Wal-Mart gift card she had gotten for a birthday, a change of clothes, a hair brush, the note, a water bottle, and a sack of food.


Once she had gotten everything packed, she headed out the door.


(sorry for the sideways picture)


I hope you liked my photo story! More to come soon!

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