Photo Shoot: Silage Wagon⛲️

A few days ago Carmen and I went down to our silage wagons to take pictures of Maggie. But, unfortunately Maggie decided she didn’t want to have a photo shoot. This is the best picture I took of her before she ran away.

carmen photo shoot 001.JPG

When I was trying to get Maggie’s picture, Carmen wanted to get in the silage wagon. I got her in and then climbed in too.

Here are all the pictures. (incase you’re wondering, I edited them on pic monkey.)

  carmen photo shoot 017 (800x450)


carmen photo shoot 022 (800x600).jpg

I don’t like the color of this one, but it’s kinda cute!

carmen photo shoot 006 (800x600).jpg


carmen photo shoot 027 (800x600).jpg

carmen photo shoot 030 (800x450).jpg


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